As a mom of four children in Easton schools (Barlow, Keller and SSES) I’m writing to ask you to please, please approve the budget increase for Easton schools this coming year.

I feel very strongly about this now more than ever because our children coming back from this unprecedented school absence are going to have huge ground to catch up across all grades and abilities. Just from watching my four tackle distance learning I see such huge differences in how they learn and what their needs are, and I am a mom who is home and able to help them navigate learning as best I can from home.

I know other parents are working and don’t have the same time to guide their children and I can only imagine the enormous tasks facing teachers when they finally get back to teaching in class again. The last thing our schools need to worry about is going back with less. If anything we need to be looking to see what else we can do to give more to minimize this huge unprecedented interruption in our children’s education so they do not end up forever playing catch up for the rest of their years in school.

I feel we need to say yes to small classes, yes to more paraprofessionals, yes to more clubs and activities for our middle schools, yes to a media center and recess and everything else the teachers say they need because now more than ever we need to be helping those that look after our children as they return to school so that their futures are not another casualty of this difficult time.

Please work with those that understand education and what is needed for the best of our town’s future and approve the increase.

Thank you,

Joanna Walker

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