Attic Fire Put Out Before Storm Rolls In

Easton firefighters responded to a call about an attic fire on Pheasant Lane this afternoon at 2:30. The homeowner alerted the fire department and evacuated the house. There were no injuries.

“We arrived on scene and saw smoke showing from the roof line,” Fire Chief Steve Waugh said. “We gained access to the house, pulled a hand line onto the roof and quickly soaked down what was burning. We made sure there was no additional fire in the attic.”

There wasn’t a lot of smoke and water damage, and they managed to tarp a hole they had to cut in the roof right as a thunderstorm was coming, Waugh said. There were no injuries.

He thanked neighboring fire departments for their mutual aid: Fairfield, Newtown, Stepney, Trumbull and Weston, which  provided station coverage. They all left the scene by 3:45.

“Given the situation with storms coming through, we wanted to get the firefighters on their home turf,” Waugh said.  

The Easton Police Department as the first responders also answered to the call. Police Chief Richard Doyle took the video displayed below from inside his car during the strong storm today. It caused minor damage. One tree pulled down some wires on Wilson Road, UI resounded for repairs, he said.

Chief Doyle took this video from inside his car during the strong storm on April 21, 2020.

The home is habitable but they did have to turn off power to the whole house, Waugh said. An electrician will have to turn it back on after verifying that everything is safe.

“My first direction to homeowners is to have their insurance information accessible as an emergency contact,” Waugh said.”It’s a very handy thing to have. If the information is inside the house and it’s damaged, it might be hard to get to it for a while.”

He said insurance companies “are just fantastic in terms of providing guidance and service. My first advice to homeowners is to call the insurance company. The insurance company can come out and secure the residence, provide shelter and arrange for the clean up.”

The fire marshal will investigate the cause of the fire.