To the Board of Finance, 

In this uncertain time, we need to restore our commitment to foundational beliefs about education. Class size should be small enough to optimize teaching and learning. Our schools should have properly staffed and full-time libraries. All children should have equal access to diverse extra-curricular activities. Cuts to the Board of Education budget have undermined these basic goals. 

This year, about 75% of the proposed Board of Education budget is assigned to contractual and mandated costs. The remaining discretionary 25% would help restore these essential objectives.
The most important use of our tax dollars is educating children, and Easton’s budget is designed to do just that. It is structured so that the preponderance of funds goes to education. Our other departments are funded adequately, we have a very healthy “rainy day fund,” and we offer tax relief to seniors who struggle to make their tax payments. 

In addition to producing thoughtful, responsible and skilled citizens, a top education system supports and enhances our real estate values. It is counter productive to cut away at what is so clearly of such value to our town, our families, our children, and our future.

As Easton homeowners for 28 years, parents of two grown children who benefited greatly from their K-8 years in our Easton schools and, now, retired Easton residents, we ask the Board of Finance to support the 4.2% budget increase proposed by the Board of Education. All of us, not just parents and students in the schools today, benefit from offering the best possible public education in our town. 

It is time to be for education, not cutting budgets. Please approve the proposed Board of Education budget.

Jon and Maggie Silverstein


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