April 24, 2020

Good afternoon, 

In this new world, days seem to blend together and it is hard to believe it is Friday again! I still believe strongly that our efforts are paying off in controlling the spread of the virus but we must stay the course with social distancing and staying at home when possible. That doesn’t mean we cannot or should not continue to enjoy the quiet scenic roads of Easton or our open spaces.

Please be mindful of the Governor’s Executive Order which took effect this week to cover your face with a cloth mask or covering when you cannot reliably keep the appropriate six-foot distancing from others.  When enjoying the outdoors, I trust you will all make good decisions.

I am cautiously optimistic that you will see a significantly increased level of activity next week at the South Park Bridge. There have been some engineering issues that are now resolved.  I believe it is a realistic expectation that the bridge will be done before the end of May. 

The budgeting process continues. The budget presentation is still posted. Comments continue to be submitted both via email ( bof@eastonct.gov ) and through the Courier. Input from all viewpoints is welcomed.  The Westport Weston Health District proposal and alternative proposal for a full time Easton Health Department are also posted on the town website. Please send your comments or questions to bos@eastonct.gov

The form for property tax deferment will be distributed soon. (A sample is attached to the last Board of Selectmen minutes). Please check the sample form to  determine what conditions enable households to be eligible for deferment and what is involved in filling out the form.

We at Town Hall are working diligently (behind our masks) and mostly from home to keep Easton up and running. Please check our website and email the employee or department you wish to contact directly to get more efficient service. 

It is worth noting that times such as these bring out the best in Eastonites. There are so many people doing so much good. We have high school and middle school kids corresponding with seniors and teachers completely relearning how to teach and students adjusting with them.

The last Region 9 meeting featured a wonderful presentation about how hard remote teaching is. If you question that, ask a parent, now turned teacher of a grade school or middle school student or multiple students!  We have front line medical providers, first responders including our firefighters who quickly saved a home from total fire destruction this week and managed to avoid an incoming thunder/hail storm.

Our Police Chief, Richard Doyle, walked down the Morehouse Road in high heels to raise money and awareness for the Center for Family Justice.  Our farmers and eateries put great effort into helping feed us with curbside pickups and delivery options. Neighbor helping neighbor.

As we celebrate all these wonderful efforts, we should also keep in mind the pain that many of us are also facing from the virus directly, from economic hardship, from isolation, and from the stress of the complete disruption of our normal lives.  It has been said that we are all in the same boat but that may not be true. Same storm perhaps, but different boats. Where one might feel more of a hardship economically, someone else feels the isolation to be overwhelming.  This is a time for compassion and understanding and patience.

I have listed places to get help previously.  Please take advantage of them if you need to. We all know these are difficult times.

Stay safe, stay strong!

Dave Bindelglass

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