What is one simple way to help someone? It’s thinking of a way we can all make someone happy during this coronavirus pandemic. It’s something neighborly and friendly to show we care.

We hope you can embrace some “HappyEastonKindness” by doing good in our community, now during this unprecedented time. Keeping in touch with people now and after the threat of the COVID-19 virus has passed.

We need to support each other always, and we will continue to support outreach through spreading the only good virus…that of kindness and good will.

There is no greater gift than people helping people and giving of one’s heart. This is a time of opportunity for us all, a time to grow and become closer as a community.

Please join us in our effort to touch the hearts and souls of many until we can touch each other again! The tasks are very easy and straightforward and can be meaningful to the person who may not know how to ask for help.

Volunteer in one simple way by taking a few minutes. So, make a difference to help a neighbor or someone you may not even know in your neighborhood by simply filing out a card and dropping it in their mailbox or pinning it at their front door. It will be most appreciated!

Find out more at the Easton Republican Town Committee.

Easton is known for its reservoirs and scenic vistas. — Wendy Bowditch Photo
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