COVID-19 has created a unique opportunity for Easton farmers to mutually support each other.  As you stock your shelves, bins and coolers, consider buying locally from your fellow farmers rather than importing from other towns and states.

List of Easton Farms and Farm Stand openings and how to contact them with Covid-19 precautions in mind

If we are to fulfill our tagline “Easton is a Farmers’ Market,” we need to work together for our mutual benefit.  You will not lose your niche supporting other Easton farms; you will, instead, be helping to distribute many categories of product including milk, cheeses, fruit, flowers, honey, vegetables, and baked goods that may otherwise perish. 

The harvest season requires the support of many to distribute these amazing goods so more buyers can enjoy the flavors of Easton’s Farmer’s Market.  You can play a pivotal role in this effort.

This crisis has unearthed strong demand for fresh, local food.  Your Agricultural Commission wants to support you in thinking collaboratively, now more than ever. We are happy to share the contact information for all farmers in town to help get you started.  We are here to support you!

Photo at top: Irv Silverman is among the Easton farmers who have opened their doors to serve the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. — Nancy Doniger Photo

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