With all that has been going on in our world these days, the Registrars of Voters across Connecticut, and in particular here In Easton thought it important to remind potential voters about a critical upcoming date In the primary process.

Under State of Connecticut Election Law, the deadline for changing party affiliation is three months before the date of the primary. In other words, with the August 11 primary, voters have until May 11 to change their party affiliation to be able vote in their new party’s primary.

The party change can be accomplished easily online, at Voterregistration.ct.gov. Fill out the form to either register for the first time or to change your party affiliation.

Remember, in Connecticut, only party members are eligible to vote in Party Primaries, unaffiliated voters are not, and once again, the primary will be held on August 11.

David Smith-Easton Democratic Registrar
Vincent Caprio- Easton Republican Registrar
Jim Bromer- Democratic Deputy Registrar

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