As a result of increasing car break-ins and thefts in the region, police are advising residents to bring valuables inside and lock their cars at 9 p.m., or a more convenient time before darkness falls.

Since April 10, there have been 25 vehicles entered, one vehicle stolen, and one stolen vehicle recovered in Easton.

These are all crimes of opportunity. In every one of the cases in Easton, the vehicles entered were left unlocked. The vehicle that was stolen was left unlocked with the keys inside.

“These are juveniles who work in groups of two or four,” Chief Richard Doyle said. “They select different areas and look for unlocked vehicles. They come from around the region to steal a car or the valuables inside.”

“Easton is a great community, but Easton is not immune,” Doyle said. Police are urging Connecticut residents to follow the #9PMROUTINE every night.

“It’s simple: Lock your car, and your house too,” Doyle said. “Make this a habit and help us stop these types of crimes from occurring.”

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