In a wonderful tribute to longtime Easton resident Marv Gelfand, a parade of cars drove past his home on May 22, as his widow, Joann, and members of his family waved and cried from the front yard.

Gelfand was a member of the Police Commission, the Tax Relief for the Elderly Commission, the Pension and Employee Benefits Commission, and the Democratic Town Committee. He also served on many other boards and with several organizations over the years. He worked the polls on election days and even ran for treasurer himself.

Gelfand grew up in Bridgeport and worked as an accountant for decades. He was an outgoing and gentle man with a diverse range of interests. Sadly, he became Easton’s first COVID-19 death in the early days of the pandemic.

Take a look at this video to see the parade of cars which slowly moved past his home and delighted his heartbroken family.

Thank you, Marv, for your dedication to our town. We will miss you.

— Video and comments by Bob Lessler

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