The annual document shredding event at Jesse Lee United Methodist Church, 25 Flat Rock Road, Easton, Conn. is still on for Saturday, Sept. 19, from 9 a.m. to noon, rain or shine.

Church members feel confident that despite Covid-19, their vendor, ShredSmart, can safely and securely destroy sensitive documents for individuals who want to dispose of them this fall.

Suggested Donation is $10 per/box ($8 for seniors) and may be paid by cash or check.

The changes for this year to ensure safety are as follows:

  • There will not be any bake sale items..
  • Drivers and passengers are requested to wear a mask.
  • ShredSmart technicians will wear masks and will be the ones removing boxes from the back seat or trunk of vehicles. They will carry the boxes directly to the ShredSmart truck for destruction.
  • Jesse Lee UMC members will be present to oversee the operation.

For any questions, email Patty Gelineau at

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