169 Incident Reports Logged

17 9-1-1 Error / Transfer
3 Accident
11 Aided Case
16 Alarm – Fire Call
5 Animal
13 Assistance, All Other / K9 Assist
4 Consult With An Officer
0 Criminal Mischief / Property Damage
0 Dumping / Littering
1 Erratic Driver Reported
5 Fingerprints
Juvenile Assistance
5 Larceny / Theft Offense
2 Motor Vehicle Theft
Motor Vehicle Stop
3 Temporary Pistol Permits
8 Programmed Patrol / Selective Enforcement
3 Scam (Call-Electronic-Mail) / Fraud Offense / Id Theft
0 School Detail
1 Supplemental Reports
8 Suspicious; Activity – Motor Vehicle – Person
1 Traffic Complaint
17 Town-Utility-State Property
1 Vacant House / Welfare Check
Misdemeanor Summons/Criminal Arrests 0
Infractions 2
Written Warnings 12
Verbal Warnings 7

Stolen and Ransacked Vehicles

An unlocked motor vehicle with the keys left in it was stolen during the night of Aug. 10 from a Redding Road residence. It was later recovered in Fairfield.

Sometime during the overnight hours of Aug 11, another motor vehicle was stolen. The stolen vehicle was found in Weston shortly after it was taken.

Five other residents reported their parked vehicles had been ransacked. In some instances, items were taken. All vehicles were unlocked. Police urge residents to lock their cars.

Scams, Fraud and Identity Theft

Residents reported the following incidents to the EPD this week to have on file:

  • A resident was selling a purse on Facebook Marketplace for $1,800. The seller was contacted by a person who said she was interested in buying the purse. However, the “interested party” requested the seller to first send the “buyer” $800 and then the “buyer” would in return send the seller $2,600.
  • A resident received a call telling him that his Social Security number was used in a drug bust in Texas.
  • A resident received notification that his identity was used to open two bank accounts in his name.

The Easton Police Department is located at 700 Morehouse Road, Easton, CT 06612, 203-268-4111, EastonCT.gov.

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