Just before the primary election, the endorsed Republican candidate in Connecticut’s 2nd Congressional District was arrested on domestic violence changes.  Since then, additional information has come to light about the knowledge that J.R. Romano, state party chairman, and Sue Hatfield, vice chairwoman, had been made aware of the incident, yet did not report it to the proper authorities.

State Senator Tony Hwang (R-28th) offers the following statement regarding the 2nd Congressional District GOP candidate and state party leadership:

Incidents of domestic violence are one the most serious types of crime because they take place in the locations and relationships closest to the victim. 

I will not tolerate the minimization or downplaying of any form of domestic violence.  These are unimaginable crimes, and my thoughts are with the victim and her family. 

I find it disturbing and unacceptable that the state party leadership did not immediately report the information they were given to law enforcement. In situations of domestic abuse, tempers can flare and major emotional and physical damage can occur within seconds. Lives could have been put in danger and risk due to the state party leadership inaction.

The leadership’s unwillingness for whatever the reason, to do the right thing and immediately notify authorities of allegations of domestic abuse is inexcusable. A grave error in judgement has occurred and responsibility must rest with those who did not make the necessary and proper decisions.

I add my voice to those who are deeply disturbed by this lapse in protecting those affected by domestic violence.  State party leadership has made a terribly bad decision and now must accept the ultimate responsibility for those decisions.

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