To The Editor:

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Senator Tony Hwang! After superstorm Isaias, several homes on my street were without the internet for three weeks. I had many lines and electrical components down on the ground. My neighbors and I contacted Optimum daily. They would assure me on many occasions that a crew was coming at a certain time/date but never would they show up. They even promised me, several times, a supervisor would call me back; never did I receive a callback. 

It is critical for my husband to be able to connect to the internet from his home-office in order to perform his job. As soon as Hwang got involved, he was off running to get me help. He contacted me personally and worked tirelessly to get answers and a solution for Bibbins Road. With his persistence and tenacity, I had Optimum on our street and service restored within 48 hours. He is a true leader and an official who I can truly count on.

Heather and AJ Vechiarelli 


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