Update for 9/25/2020

Good evening,           

I am happy to report that the Town of Easton continues to weather the pandemic and unlike so many other districts we have been able to keep our schools open. Our numbers remain good even after Labor Day Weekend with the town party and fireworks celebrations. I continue to believe that it is the diligence of our people that has kept our numbers low. The people of Easton continue to inspire me.

Easton’s Official Drop Box across from the Easton Police Department

The General Election is now less than 40 days away. This will no doubt be a uniquely contentious election. We respect the rights of all people to speak their minds and post their posts and display their signs. At a time where civility is often lacking in national political discourse, I hope that we in Easton can be counted on to be respectful of each other.

The Official Ballot Drop Box for absentee ballots  has been set up across from the Police Department entrance to Town Hall on the far side of Morehouse Road. Some have questioned why it was placed at that location. This was carefully considered by the town. The reasons include:
1. Due to the fact that it needed to be under camera surveillance 24/7 and bolted to the ground, it was not placed out front of 225 Center Road as there are no cameras there and its location would obstruct the parking spaces. 
2. It is not in front of the entrance to the Police Department due to the pavers and there was no location that wouldn’t obstruct the accessible walkway. 
3. It is not closer to the road to discourage people from stopping in the middle of the road to deposit information. 
4. Its location is also near two specifically designated parking spaces and a handicap parking spot where there is no curb to pose a hazard to voters. 
5. Its location also has lighting in the evening for safety and security. 

Please either mail your absentee applications and ballots or place them in the ballot box. PLEASE DO NOT BRING THEM TO TOWN HALL.  The preparation and execution of  this election has been and continues to be a tremendous effort by our Town Clerk office and Registrars of Voters, so a huge thank you to them.

Now that our fields are in use again, there is increased trash around the fields. We are also aware of people dumping garbage in trash cans and dumpsters around town facilities. For those using the fields, please be mindful and dispose of your trash.  Park and Rec is doing their best to keep up with emptying the recepticles however, when those using town dumpsters or trash cans as places to dump personal garbage, it quickly becomes out of hand.  This is unacceptable and those areas are now being checked by the Police Department and Public Works. I suspect a lot of this is coming from out of town so if you see someone dumping you can help us by getting a license plate number and calling the Police Department non-emergency number 203-268-4111 to report it.  For residents, we offer curbside Transfer Station Ticket purchases at the Town Hall, Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm for $7.00 per 125 lbs., let’s all do our part to keep Easton clean and beautiful!

There have also been questions about the Morehouse Park Restrooms. They are completed and would have been in use this fall, but we have decided not to open them because we are concerned about meeting the CDC standards for cleaning during the pandemic.  I fully understand the frustration of having to use a port-a-potty with these brand new bathrooms in sight however, current staffing levels of the Park and Rec Department cannot maintain cleaning schedules recommended by the CDC. We will have provisions in place for the start of the spring season.

Several people reported seeing bears in our neighborhoods and streets this week.  Please be cautious when out walking or driving and report any incidents, noting sighting location and if the bear was tagged.

Be safe and enjoy a beautiful weekend!!!

Dave Bindelglass

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