The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) has endorsed State Rep. Anne Hughes (D-135th) for reelection to the Connecticut House of Representatives.

“I’m grateful for the endorsement of the Connecticut League of Conservation voters and look forward to continued work to advance a pro-environment agenda in Hartford,” said Hughes. “In my district, which encompasses Easton, Redding, and Weston, environmental protection and conservation have always been especially important to voters. I look forward to advancing their interests in the next session and particularly working with young people to raise the alarm about the urgency of the climate crisis and our planet in peril, and working toward an inhabitable, biodiverse, sustainable planet and livable environment for their future.”

In her first term, Hughes was a leading voice in the legislature supporting major environmental legislation, including significant investment in offshore wind, the electrification of the state fleet, and the passage of the State Water Plan. She worked together with the environmental coalition to fend off legislation that would have rolled back authority of the EPA and the revocation of DEEP’s enforcement tools and was designated an Environmental Champion by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, a rare designation for a freshman legislator.

Hughes was a key supporter of recently enacted environmental legislation including the plastic bag ban, the fracking waste ban, and the solar net metering bill. She also supported the State Water Plan that enshrines water as a public trust resource and provides guidance for balance the needs of development, consideration, and recreation.

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