I’m determined to amplify an unmistakable, common thread that runs through the thousands of conversations, emails, texts, and phone calls I’ve had with constituents these past two years: It’s a demand for accountability.

This year we’ve faced the combined impact of the COVID pandemic and recession, as Tropical Storm Isaias subjected us to yet another prolonged and dangerous power outage. All are stark reminders that only accountable systems can deliver a solid, equitable future for us all.

When COVID struck, we took action to protect our elderly, frontline workers, and our vulnerable populations when the Trump administration left us completely on our own. Locally I formed a task force to make and deliver PPE to hospitals and secured emergency relief funding for our towns.

Now we’re working to mitigate the second surge, to keep our kids in school, and to create a safe haven in Connecticut where science drives our public health, testing, and vaccine policymaking.

Passing the Take Back Our Grid Act was an important first step towards holding our power companies accountable by protecting ratepayers from surprise rate hikes and prolonged outages while building a more equitable, stable power market that encourages businesses to locate and thrive here.

That Connecticut has the most expensive electricity in the continental United States, is an outrage. Forcing Eversource and United Illuminating to put Connecticut consumers ahead of profit will deliver value instead of frustration, bringing rates back in line with our region.

The successes we achieved during last year’s full legislative session, from the on-time, balanced budget to putting our state’s fiscal house in order—on its firmest footing in 70 years—have led to an A+ bond rating and the prospect of emerging from the pandemic recession with the strongest economy in the northeast. These achievements are driven by a deep belief that government accountability to taxpayers is critical and without fiscal responsibility, our economy cannot thrive.

We must also be accountable to Connecticut citizens who are deeply distressed about the Trump administration’s attempt to tip the Supreme Court, jeopardizing rights we hold dear, from access to health care, the ACA and preexisting conditions, to LGBTQ rights, voting rights, and choice—all at imminent risk. To be accountable to Connecticut, we must commit to building a firewall to defend these essential rights.

And most of all, we need to be accountable to the next generation. We owe our children safety in schools, not trauma from lockdown drills. We owe them a quality public school education that makes sense—which is why I oppose forced regionalization and celebrate the Easton-Redding consolidation success. We owe them smart climate justice policy and innovative economic sustainability that preserves the planet for them while creating good renewable sector jobs and investment.

I will bring the demand for accountability and systemic change I’ve heard throughout the district during this “accountability season” back to Hartford with renewed urgency. I will continue to amplify the voices of our community as we collectively use our superpower of voting for decisive change.

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