David Smith has served as Democratic Registrar of Voters for over six years, and has been pleased to serve all the people of Easton in that position. Smith feels that it is critically important to help maintain the democratic process impartially at every level of government, from municipal to the federal and has enjoyed working with Easton residents, no matter what their party affiliation. 

Smith’s careers have included many years as a television host, news anchor and a radio broadcaster throughout Fairfield County and beyond. His interest in the political process has been  heightened over the years, with interviews of local, regional, and national politicians for his various programs that have given him insight into the various, diverse political philosophies that we celebrate throughout our country.

Beyond his role as a registrar, Smith is also busy conducting weddings as a Justice of the Peace, emceeing and running auctions for numerous non-profits in the Tri-state area, as well as serving as an Easton police commissioner. 

Smith and his wife Susanne have lived in Easton for over 27 years, raising two adult daughters, who enjoyed successful educational experiences in the Easton schools and college afterwards.

Smith looks forward to another term as Easton registrar to serve with the rest of the election team.

Editors’ Note: David Smith is on the ballot as the Democratic candidate for Registrar of Voters.

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