Michelle Bravo and Achilles

Achilles B is a well-mannered dog on a mission to charm and teach his audience. He shares his relationship with his Grandpa Tony and enjoys all of the things they do together. Achilles is intelligent, empathetic, gentle, and mindful of others, all of the qualities that enhance life no matter our age.

“It’s Me, Achilles B, My Grandpa Tony and Me,” explores and explains the lovable dog’s adventures with his Grandpa Tony.  They share a warm relationship both silly and serious, and it is easy to see the warm bond they share. It’s the second book in a series Bravo plans to write.

Achilles B is here to delight and inspire children as he navigates challenges such as making new friends and starting school. He also gives fun, positive examples of how to make healthy decisions and keep an upbeat, gentle outlook on life. 

Michelle Bravo of Easton worked to create the perfect Achilles B that resided in her head with the help of an artist in Italy. His work can be found on Instagram @Zi_po if you are interested in seeing more of his talent. 

Bravo’s joys include traveling, writing, reading, laughing, cherishing her many friendships and being a mom to her son and daughter. Her intuitive sense as a parent has blossomed into her writing as she creates a series designed to empower children with confidence.

Her real dog, Achilles, went blind this past April, and she is donating 10% of all of the proceeds to the Blind Dog Rehoming Alliance. Grandpa Tony is also Bravo’s father. She wrote the book in remembrance of Grandpa Tony and his relationship with her son when he was a young boy. 

The Achilles book series can be found on Amazon.com.

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