Robert LaValle

You’ve barely opened your eyes and the morning SOS express (not ‘save our ship’ but ‘same ol’ stuff’ or four-letter explicative) is impatiently waiting at the door of your brand new day. The conductor shouts, “All aboard” and though you would love to roll over you can’t resist the call.  You’ve become one with the heaping hunk of hardened steel steam engine, a bulky, antiquated machine constantly releasing excess pent up pressure while preparing to run once again at full speed.  

And since you think you’ve already paid a nonrefundable fare you mindlessly hop on board. Among its heavyweight and intense pressure your inherent freedom of choice waivers. You’re convinced you don’t have the wherewithal to take a stand. Welcome to another day of the same ol’, same ol’.

Ticket price for riding the SOS express can easily cost a person’s entire life yet you’ve become blind to the expense. After all, riding the SOS express has been so familiar it’s a no-brainer. Can’t say it’s been comfortable, but it certainly frees us to think we know exactly where we’re going, what we can expect and how we can deal with problems. For most, riding the SOS Express has become a lazy habit.

The SOS train mindlessly stops at all the routine places; new places as well as those we never thought we’d return. It could be a job we barely tolerated with a boss we couldn’t stand, or it may even take us to the darker corners of a life filled with hatred, bigotry, ignorance, intolerance and negativity that we somehow think is necessary, justified and sacrosanct for whatever reason.

Regardless of perceived notions, causes and effects, there is a way out. Other trains are always available and run every second on the second. They patiently await the opportunity to transport you to your true destination. Imagine the energy and excitement of a new adventure each and every moment of every brand new day, riding the omnipotent power of a glorified locomotive. 

Given the opportunity, these alternate methods of transportation may even lead to transformation. They are cleaner, happier and brighter also, proven to be ecologically, sociologically and spiritually beneficial. I know several popular songs that popularized this form of travel. To reach our destination, these trains often must travel uphill. They take more time but certainly take us to the place we really need to go. Once onboard, scenery and passengers may appear familiar but you will see under a new light. This train is equipped with a sunroof where the sky’s the limit.

Before mindlessly hopping on board the extremely expensive SOS Express, pause a moment.  Remember, there’s the Peace Train, The Love Train and the more crowded Peace and Love Train and again, each runs every second on the second. They are slightly different in décor and nuance but the ride and the conductor is the same.  There’s no waiting and really no room for baggage, but they’ll gladly welcome you and take you to your final destination. Both are means to the same end, Heaven. It’s your choice!

So let the SOS Express pass you by. It isn’t as difficult as you may think. We were born to learn, we are pure love, so release the floodgates and simply pour your heart out to others. You do it for dogs and people need it more.  Don’t think about it, just do it! Everyone is suffering and can use some TLC. Start small. Look at people in the eye when in close contact, smile more, say hi, hold a door open, before long you’ll be handing out 100 dollar bills in the form of love energy and will be shouting, “ALL ABOARD!”

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