The blue spruce that was cut down is on the left in this photo

The Monroe Sun is reporting that a vandal cut down a Monroe family’s decorated outdoor Christmas tree on the evening of Dec. 9. That same night, a vandal stole a decorated tree at Greiser’s Coffee & Market, according to its Facebook page.

“A Grinch stole our Christmas tree!” Adrienne Burke, Greiser’s proprietor, wrote on the store’s Facebook page. “We had just strung the lights on the perfect little tree that Adele O’Kane so generously cut from her farm and placed for us at the corner of Westport and Center Roads.

” It disappeared sometime late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. Lights, tree stand and all! That Grinch must be unaware that Santa keeps a close eye on the Christmas Tree Capital of Connecticut!”

Area residents are calling for a neighborhood watch to catch the Grinch!

Read about the vandalism to the Easton Road display at Read about the Greiser’s tree at the Greiser’s Coffee & Market Facebook page.

Photo at top: Someone cut down a decorated blue spruce in front of Kevin and Korene Dahls’ home on Easton Road in Monroe and left it on the ground. — Bill Bittar Photo

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