To celebrate the Town’s 175th anniversary, the Easton Public Library, Easton Park & Recreation Department, and the Easton Community Center have pooled their resources to plan a winter event series for all ages, beginning in January. All programs will be virtual.

The first event will be Jukebox Bingo on Thursday, Jan. 14 in the evening (time TBD). It will be hosted by Keith Allen.

“Who doesn’t love Bingo?” said Lisa Farasciano, Easton Park & Recreation programmer. Instead of using letters and numbers, Jukebox Bingo is played with song titles.  Listen to the song, see the title scrambled on the screen, and see if you have it on your cards (that will be emailed to you).

 “It’s a great night for the entire family! Between the Library, Park & Rec, and the ECC, we are hoping to have a crowd,” Farasciano added.

The fun continues with Kahoot! on Friday, Jan. 29 at 7 p.m. “Kahoot! is so much fun and it is a perfect platform for a virtual program!” said Kristine Oulman, Youth Services Librarian. “We can’t wait to play and we are working hard on our own Kahoot! quiz. Working with the ECC and Park & Rec makes it even better.”

Looking ahead to February, there will be a Family Lip Sync Challenge on Thursday, Feb. 25 at 7:30 p.m. “A Lip Sync Battle is a fun way for families to bond, have fun, and just get silly!” said Joel Silkoff, Easton Community Center Director.” Grab a spoon, hair brush, or anything else around your house and use it as a microphone. Pick a song that the whole family knows and enjoys, then rock out in your living room. “If you have a voice like mine, everyone will be happy it’s lip sync and not karaoke!” Silkoff added.

The three groups are also planning a Comedy Night fundraiser for sometime in February, which would be for adults only. Other ideas for future events include Trivia Night, Name That Tune, and Household Scavenger Hunt.

“Joel and Lisa have been great to work with,” said Lynn Zaffino, Library Director. Since the three of us sometimes offer similar programs, collaboration just makes a lot of sense.”

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