UPDATED To Include Statewide Plan for Phase 1b Posted Today on Connecticut’s Official State Website

The next phase of the state’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout (aka Phase 1b) includes seniors 75 years of age or older. What exactly does this mean to Easton residents? Easton seniors 75 years of age or older may sign up for the first in the two vaccination series.

If you are 75 years of age or older, you can now register to make an appointment for your Covid-19 vaccine. Please see the link below that enables you to upload your information into the Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS) which is the online enrollment system you will use to register for vaccination.


Details are posted on the Easton website. Seniors with questions can also call the state Department of Health at 877-918-2224. Gov. Ned Lamont released the phone number today.

Note that each individual must have his or her own unique email address to be entered into VAMS. No duplicate emails can be used. If you do not have email, you should have a family member help you obtain an email address so you are able to sign-up in VAMS.

Each individual will receive an email from CDC.GOV/VAMS which will allow them to make an appointment to receive the vaccine. Numerous locations for vaccinations are available; please choose a location most convenient for you. A list will be provided with the email and includes sites in Fairfield, Monroe and surrounding towns.

If you are an Easton resident and do not have a computer or means of transportation, contact the Easton Senior Center 203-268-1145, and they will discuss alternate arrangements with you.

As additional information becomes available, the Courier will update the latest developments. Connecticut is currently in Phase 1b of the statewide Covid-19 vaccine rollout plan. Read more about the state rollout here.

Phase 1b

Vaccine access will be phased in for the following groups in Phase 1b: 

Currently Scheduling:

Scheduling Soon:

  • Front line essential workers (please see additional information below)
  • Individuals between the ages of 65 and 74
  • Individuals between the ages of 16 and 64 with comorbidities
  • Individuals and staff in congregate settings (please see additional information below)

Details on congregate settings:

Congregate settings include individuals and staff in halfway homes, inpatient mental health facilities, corrections facilities, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, substance use and residential treatment facilities along with others. More information about congregate settings will be available soon.  

Details on Phase 1b Essential Workers:

Frontline essential workers face work-related exposure to COVID-19 because work-related duties must be performed on-site, in proximity (<6 feet) to the public or to coworkers AND are in one of the following sectors:

  • Healthcare personnel not included in Phase 1a
  • First responders
  • Agricultural workers, including farmworkers
  • Food service and restaurants
  • U.S. Postal Service workers
  • Manufacturing workers
  • Grocery store and pharmacy workers
  • Food banks and meal delivery services for the elderly
  • Education and child-care workers
  • Solid waste and wastewater workers
  • Inspectors working on site in the above locations
  • Frontline public and social services

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