Modern Pop Artist Michael Albert is currently exhibiting his unique collages and ceramics in the Easton Public Library Conference Room and Glass Display Case. The exhibit will be on display until mid-February.

Albert has been creating art since his college days at New York University (BPA / 1984-1988), where he studied business. During that time, he became interested in art after visiting many of the great museums of New York City and seeing many of the greatest masterpieces in the world, and soon after, he began creating his own.

His art has evolved from doodles and pen & ink, to serious wax oil drawings and the cubist mosaic cereal box collages (“Cerealism”) for which he has become known.  In the past two decades, he has created large-scale “Epic” collage works using the cardboard packaging of iconic consumer brands on various themes, including history, literature, biblical and religious themes, music, lyrics, clocks, botany, mathematics, geography, logo montages, and color studies.

He is the founder/owner of Sir Real, a brand of fruit juice and natural foods found at specialty markets (including Greiser’s locally). Since the publishing of his book, An Artist’s America (Henry Holt, 2008), he has developed a traveling Pop Art Enrichment Program & Hands-On Collage Workshop for all age groups called the “Modern Pop Art Experience,” which he has brought to over 1,000 schools, libraries, museums and other arts venues all over the United States and Europe. Albert has displayed his artworks in the Library on several occasions and has run collage workshops for kids and families.

On Saturday, February 6 at 11 a.m., the Library will host a virtual hands-on Collage Workshop with Albert. This program is open to all ages. Participants will create their own collage, using cutouts from cardboard packaging they have around the house. The Library will also have bags of cutouts available to pick up.

To register, visit the Events Calendar on the Library’s website at

For more information, visit To see a collection of over 4,500 of his creations organized by themes in a series of boards, visit

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