To the Editor:

Citizens who attended the Feb. 19 Board of Selectman meeting were treated to an act of courage we rarely witness in our leaders. Selectwoman Kristi Sogofsky suggested that the BOS withdraw a decision they made last summer and bring the issue to our legislative body, the Town Meeting.

The decision in question was made at the Aug. 20, 2020 BOS meeting in the heat of the George Floyd issue when the BOS adopted the Easton Resolution on Racism and Public Health. The resolution declares that racism is a public health crisis in Easton, and states unequivocally that racism is the root cause of poverty and disparate outcomes in health, housing, education, employment, and criminal justice.

This resolution did not arise due to problems in our town. It was written by a group called Health Equity Solutions, Inc. out of Hartford and brought from outside our borders to the BOS by Easton citizen Elaine Okeefe. It has unleashed the dangerous philosophy of Critical Race Theory on our town; it was adopted in haste under the pressure of unprecedented turmoil in our country.

Sogofsky pointed out that the board had just received the two-page document and voted unanimously to adopt it on the spot without time for serious consideration and without input from Easton citizens. First Selectman Dave Bindelglass said he would consider her proposal and asked her to bring to the next BOS meeting suggested wording for a motion to be placed on a Town Meeting agenda.

The formation of this task force can hardly be classified as simply adopting a resolution, and we sincerely thank Sogofsky for her integrity and courage in moving to rectify this misstep by the BOS.

Sherry Harris
President, Citizens for Responsible Government

June Logie
Treasurer, Citizens for Responsible Government

You can read the BOs Resolution and the EDIT charge at the bottom of the Aug. 20, 2020 BOS minutes:

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