In my coveted Covid solitude I’ve been forced to do things I wouldn’t normally do. There’s been introspection, meditation, contemplation and lots of word games. More games than I’d like to admit. That said – let us now take a closer look at the word “evolve.” Reverse the first four letters and what do you have? LOVE. Hmmmm… There you are, plain and simple.  Everything is constantly evolving for the sake of love and the evermore understanding and delivery of LOVE. I’ve termed it Love-0-lution.

I’m convinced there is no reason to live other than to learn. As you well know, learning is not necessarily easy and the best lessons are often what we deem as most difficult. We should expect to fall on our face, make errors, forced and unforced. After all, we are earthlings. We are all here to live and learn for goodness sake. Realize it or not — like it or not — everything is evolving for goodness sake.

If we’d listen we’d hear the loud voice of history telling us time and time again, people are more inclined to get things wrong before they can get them right. Take a moment to examine your own thinking. Might this be true for you? Is there another side?  In fact, let me say this, there more likely is. If we’re not living and acting for the sake of love we are missing the target.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s ok to miss the target because guess what? We are here to miss the target and hitting the target takes practice. Missing it is necessary to align our sight, to improve our accuracy and create positive results. And … as the world spins, right and wrong is constantly evolving toward higher awareness. Right or wrong just like good and bad are based on the time and space in which we live or have once lived.  Anything that is not permanent is not real and merely a passing fancy.

So going forward, let’s apply this disclaimer not only to Dr. Seuss’ recent upheaval but to all of our past reverences, and ever evolving rights and wrongs. 

This writer (person) has lived during a time when racial ignorance and injustice abounded. It was a very dark time in history. He was not capable of knowing better. It was not his intention to depict, make fun of, lessen or intimidate the innate beauty, strength and character of any white, yellow, black or tan descendant and if it was, only the depth of his ignorance led him astray.

Read this book (study history) as an exploration into man’s achievements. Take note as to how far man has come in his journey. And if possible, forgive him knowing we all need forgiveness. Take a moment to commend him, your fellow man, as his ever-evolving inner vision has allowed more and more awareness, as it will for eons to come. Without darkness there is nothing to overcome and we are here to overcome.  

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