As a Latina married to a Black man with two bi-racial children living in Easton for four years now, I’m deeply disturbed and disgusted by the Easton Eye mailer I received today.

For anyone affiliated with the Easton Eye: let us know who you are so we can see who we are dealing with. These are clearly some right-wing fundamentalists who clearly consider themselves “color blind.”

Let me know when you “victims” of these social theories that are “infecting” our town felt compelled to bring your husband and kids to the police department when you moved in because they are Black and you were concerned for their safety.

Let me know when law enforcement comes to your house wanting to know where your 10-year-old son is because one of your neighbors saw “a boy of color playing in the street and was concerned.”

Let me know when your 15-year-old comes home angry as hell because some entitled white boy from school tells her “white privilege doesn’t exist” and “George Floyd had drugs in his system so there were grounds.” (BTW, my girl doesn’t back down and told him he was a racist.)

Let me know when you’ve been called a racist by conservative moneyed whites because you call out white privilege in your own community and won’t tolerate it.

By the way, you’re fond of quoting the Constitution that “all men are created equal?” I think you need a reminder that the founding fathers who wrote this meant: all white men. Blacks were slaves and considered 3/5 human at the time and women were certainly not equal, Black women being treated the least humanely.

And you all hiding behind MLK’s words — what hypocrisy.

Net, you are terrified of change. You hate that Trump lost. You don’t like that society is moving forward and you want to keep everything “the same”… newsflash: it’s too late.

Don’t raise your kids with these beliefs or you’re actively harming them. Their world will be run by minorities because they will be the dominant population in this country.

I’m angered, saddened by this garbage.

Equality feels like oppression to the oppressors. That would be you.

Elle Morris


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