To the Editor:

When we were looking to buy a home last year, my wife and I were drawn to Easton and its reputation as a welcoming, family friendly community. Our short time here has shown that we made the right choice. We have enjoyed making new friends, meeting our neighbors, and working our way through the Village Store’s sandwich menu. Easton has lived up to its reputation and we can’t wait to get the “full” community experience once COVID 19 is a thing of the past.

Because of our great first few months in town, we were shocked to receive an offensive mailer from a group called the “Citizens for Responsible Government.” This mailer took issue with common sense actions taken by local officials intended to help address systemic racism. By describing these actions as “a solution looking for a problem” and using other inflammatory language, this organization ignores the countless examples of injustice we have seen across the country in the past year alone, and ignores the fact that we all have a part to play in standing up to hatred and bigotry.

Racism is a public health crisis that can and must be addressed by every community. Forming and empowering a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force is an important way to make sure equality is considered when local decisions are made. Recognizing voices and perspectives that have been historically unrepresented or ignored in the classroom will help build a more accepting society.

We are expecting our first child in a few weeks, and we hope that Easton’s schools continue to address these issues by the time our daughter is old enough to attend. Thank you to all of the elected officials and residents who have made diversity and inclusion a community priority.

Jay Klein


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