Connecticut Staycations Are Fun-cations

This article, written by Michelle Falcone of Easton, new secretary on the Executive Committee for the Western Connecticut Tourism District (WCTD), is the second article in a three-part spring day trip series. The articles provide a behind-the-scenes look on how local tourism is not only surviving, but many times thriving, during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During last year’s unprecedented reality, the Covid-19 pandemic redefined the travel industry and certainly put the kibosh on far-flung vacation destinations. Fortunately, Connecticut’s advantage is that the state is short on miles, 110 miles long and 70 miles wide, but it’s big on personality. In essence, two hours, or less, is all it takes to drive across the entire state. In other words, even before the state, in response to the pandemic, eased travel restrictions on dining and other businesses, whether scheduled or impromptu, a “backyard therapy” session cost a tank of gas. 

Of course, Connecticut’s coastline and natural surroundings, inspiring centuries of writers poets and artists, can be one of the best “natural” four-season stress reducers. Discover a rich geographic location that stretches from the borders of New York, including the Long Sound, all the way to the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Spring, in fact, is one of the best times to experience the town greens, characteristic in most of the state’s towns.

Mother Nature’s artistic hand substitutes the dull, barren terrain with classic green and begins to paint an array of floral sensations in sunny yellow and soft pink and lavender hues. In any season, the most distinct features are the unmistakable churches and steeples, gazebos and crisscrossed pathways that invitesvisitors to stroll and obtain a close-up view.

Now, as our world in the Nutmeg State slowly opens up and officials lift travel bans, there is no better time — whether you prefer simple comfort or luxury — to also enjoy the hospitality, creativity and generosity of Connecticut’s finest innkeepers, chefs, farmers and small business owners. No matter what you do, where you go, near or far, each passing mile, a smile.

To help you plan the perfect spring day trip, discover dining, lodging, attraction and event updates, and so much more, on Western Connecticut’s regional tourism website,

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