Absentee Ballots CANNOT be mailed by the Town Clerk per State of Connecticut guidelines.

Absentee Ballot Process for Referendum (with less than 3 weeks’ notice)
1. Complete and sign Absentee Ballot Application (see below for link to application).
* Please include phone/email address at bottom of application so that we may notify you when ballot is ready for pick-up.
2. Application must be deposited in the Official Drop Box or you may call to schedule a time for drop-off of application/pick-up of the ballot (203) 268-6291.
3. Ballot will be prepared for you and issued to either you or your designee (per the application guidelines). 
4. Once you have your completed ballot, you may either deposit the ballot in the Official Drop Box or mail to the Town Clerk’s Office (225 Center Road, Easton, CT 06612). Due to possible USPS mail delays, we encourage use of the Official Drop Box.

Ballots MUST BE RECEIVED no later than 8 p.m. on the day of the referendum/vote Tuesday, March 30.

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The topics are as follows:
1. Appropriation of $49,770 for the Easton Police Dept. to purchase body and dash cams to comply with new state mandates (View Minutes #5)
2. Ordinance change increasing the stipend available to volunteers to our Fire and Emergency Medical Services (View)
3. Senior Tax Relief for the Elderly Ordinance [View 2021 Committee Report – draft and View 2021 Ordinance edits highlighted] 
4. Westport Weston Health District (View Presentation March 2020)
5. As an advisory question, should the town of Easton appropriate $249,400 for the local match requirement (20% of the total project cost of $1,247,000) for the costs associated with constructing a multi-use/pedestrian path along Sport Hill Road from the entrance of the Helen Keller Middle School to the crosswalk at Silverman’s Farm. (View Design Charette Information and View Sport Hill Pathway Presentation)

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