To the Editor:

The reason the CRG Flier was created was to inform the public about the serious, drastic, and abrupt policies being made to our town and our schools. An informed citizenry is an invaluable asset to our community. We are governed by the Town Meeting. However, our Board of Selectmen had one meeting, one vote, where they adopted a resolution which states,” Racism is a public health crisis in Easton.” There was no public discussion, no debate, no public input before they voted to adopt this radical resolution.

This resolution was written by Health Equity Solutions in Hartford for towns having populations with 30,000 to 130,000 residents. By adopting this resolution, the BOS triggered a mechanism to change all aspects of our schools and town policies and procedures. Easton does not need a company from Hartford dictating we have a problem and their resolution to resolve it. A very serious accusation! The citizens get to decide what works best for Easton. Our tax dollars are used to fund this effort.

Critical Race Theory adherents believe they stand on a higher moral ground than those who question their views. They believe they can see the prejudice and racism in others which they themselves cannot see. This is why some of them look down on us. This ideology defines whites as oppressors and people of color oppressed.

CRG simply brought this topic front and center for our fellow residents to consider because this fundamentally changes our town. The Board of Selectmen had no right to unilaterally implement this resolution. Our ordinances state “Resolutions must go to Town Meeting.”

In our schools, the curriculum is being dismantled by this resolution. The Board of Education is assuming your role as a parent to teach values and beliefs to your children. Because our leadership excluded the citizenry, it has caused cancel culture in Easton. Parents, business owners, and citizens share in well founded fear of marginalization and retribution and are paralyzed to come forward or speak out. This is frightening and unacceptable.

CRG stands for Citizens for Responsible Government, this vote by our Board of Selectmen is far from responsible. Critical Race Theory assumes racism. We are more then race, gender, and class. Easton is a community that embraces debate, critical thinking, and your powerful right to vote at a Town Meeting our form of government. Critical Race Theory rejects that view and assumes that you are racist, and your thought process needs to be corrected.

CRG will always advocate for freedom, debate, and your right to vote on what matters in your community. Process matters, voting at a Town Meeting isn’t a luxury, it is our right. It cannot be cancelled. Easton is a special place to be protected and cherished. CRT is not who we are. We need to do better.

June Logie

Treasurer CRG


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