To the Editor:

A publication, critical of some of the proposals concerning social justice in our governance and school system, has been mailed to homes of residents by Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG), generating significant public response and tension. As the town-appointed body charged with assessing and mitigating implicit bias and promoting diversity and inclusion in Easton, we are deeply concerned about the polarization that is occurring in our community around these issues. We also recognize the need to have a space to hear all perspectives — so that we can talk openly and forthrightly about what it means to live in a diverse society where all benefit.

What is happening in Easton is a microcosm of what is taking place in the rest of our state, and in our country. Many municipalities and legislatures are having extensive discussions around subjects like Systemic Racism, Critical Race Theory, Health Inequity, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. As we have seen, these subjects stir up deep feelings. While we are justifiably distressed with the tone these interactions have taken recently, that does not mean that they should not take place at all. In fact, we need to have more of them — in an open, honest, and courteous manner.

The need for a formal airing of these views is abundantly clear; sooner rather than later. We plan to address these matters as a Task Force in the months ahead, and we welcome input from other Easton residents in this important dialogue.

Submitted by the Easton Diversity and Inclusion Task Force (EDIT)

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