Letter: We Support Efforts to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Our Schools

To the Editor:

As Easton residents and parents, particularly those of us with children currently attending Easton Public Schools, we share the belief that our educational institutions best serve students, as well as their missions in the larger society, when they proactively promote diversity.

We also share the belief that this type of work is vital and relevant, because as American citizens, we are mindful of the history around issues of race in this country.

We therefore, call upon our town and ER9 educational leaders and educators to continue their commitment to diversity education and to ensure a positive environment for student success. We also believe and support the idea that town and educational leaders have the authority and responsibility to ensure that all students feel accepted, safe and welcome. 

In addition, we support ER9 educational leaders’ and teachers’ initiatives to create safe spaces for students to come together for open dialogue on issues of diversity and inclusion, while also creating spaces for students to express their difference in opinions.

As Easton residents and parents, we have a great deal of respect and trust toward our ER9 educational leaders and educators and their ongoing expertise and training in inclusive education and supporting diverse student populations.

Thank you for your hard work in continuing to make Easton Public Schools more inclusive, academically stronger, and therefore, a more pleasant and challenging environment for our children.


Lise Fleuette

Devon Wible

Maureen Williams

Vicki Mark Anthony

Alissa Lamb Harrison

Chris Harrison

Amy Wolfcale

Carolyn Oppenheim

Tracy Ellwanger Carlucci

Dan Carlucci

Sarah Austin Lehberger

Gale Papageorge

Michael Papageorge

Natasha Papageorge

John Papageorge

Kiko Teed

Patti Clark Wonder

Veronica Rozo

Susan Falzone

Sheila Charmoy

Cathy Alfandre

Beth Natt

Debbi Greene Barer

Kendra Falkenstein

Dana Ceva

Deb Giblin

Michael Oppenheim

Alan Pittman

Denise Wilhelm

Jason Wilhelm

Sara Hunsucker

Leslie Kelly

Kelly Byrne Skarupa

Josie Nathanson

Elliot Nathanson

Bryna Theriot

Charlotte Edjerberg

Kelly Lindline

Dan Scheils

Jessica DiPietro

Lou DiPietro

Kaitlyn Madden

Mark Armon

Sara McDougal

Mayrne Hull

Janelle Krizek

Jacqueline Bock

Jacob Loban

Caroline Feroleto

Sheila Papps

Chris Papps

Paige Couture

Jan Burns

Zuleyma Stryker

Sara McDougal

Alex von Wahlde

Michael von Wahlde

Rani Mennon

Hilary Desmond

Young Lee

Jessica Einstein Kaufman

Tara Donnelly Gottlieb

Maycillia Ralbovsky

Sam Ralbovsky

Talia Bazos

Mike Bazos

Joni Rheingold Ballas

Elle Morris

Ed Morris

Hayley Saad Vas

Anthony Vas

Lisa Natoli Sheenan

Edward J Fusco III

Andrew Jerome

Andrew Barer

Milo Barer

Logan Barer

Roshanak Ghavami

Patricia Camuto MD

Jud Wible

Katy Reed

Nathaniel S.Yorden

Adam Parker

Whendi Cook Broderick

Joanna Walker

Nikki Kaldawy

Karen Thorsen

Elliot Leonard

Mary Karen O’Brien

Susanne Smith

Louis Rosamilia

Ya-Ching Liu

Anne Hughes, LMSW

Emily McKeon

Alisha Gorder

Maggie Silverstein

Heidi Armster

Jeanette Bailey

Nanette DeWester

Katy Stinson

Daniele Fanzo

Douglass Bilinski

Jennifer de Jesus

Sarah Cwikla

Kevin Mastropole

Marco de Jesus

Nicole Massini

John Palascak

Maxwell Matejka

Megan Siedman

Geoff Teed

Daniele Fanzo

Scott Charmoy

Dara Ghavami

Brenda Anderson