Letter: Yes for Sport Hill Road Sidewalk

To the Editor:

I would like to express my opinion on the proposed sidewalk on Route 59, Sport Hill Road. This subject certainly dominated the public comments at the recent March 23 Special Town Meeting for a good 45 minutes. As a 35-year resident of Easton I support this project — first and foremost for safety reasons. Not just middle school students would use this walkway, but others — mothers, fathers, grandparents and more, including some with disabilities.

If this sidewalk is not built, pedestrian traffic will continue as it has for many years and it poses a real danger. We are just waiting for a nasty accident to happen.

Thank you Bob Natt for investigating the alternate “path” through the back woods of Helen Keller Middle School as was suggested by a few speakers at the Town Meeting. This option seems unreasonable, not studied and probably would never receive grant funding.

Please Eastonites, let’s not be so tight-wadded about funding the sidewalk project. It has been thoroughly studied and received substantial funding. Yes, it does have a price tag as does everything that needs improvement.

Let’s keep our town safe and provide necessary upgrades. Vote “yes” on March 30.

Maria “Masha” Watson