To the Editor:

Our town won a competitive grant from the Transportation Alternatives Program, a federal aid set aside for transportation funding, against 17 other municipalities to build a multi-use, bi-directional pathway. We won this grant because the area between HKMS and Silverman’s Farm is unsafe for pedestrian and bike travelers. Despite how unsafe this area is, it’s widely used by Easton residents, middle school students, and visitors to our town.

After winning the grant, experts in town, from METROCOG, and from a consulting group held a community design charette to assess the area and recommend a plan. During the the design charette process in November 2019, the team deemed that the pathway along Sport Hill Road from the HKMS driveway to Center Road is the most direct and easiest route to build, and would be the most effective in improving safety. While there are other options, experts have determined that the best option is the one being proposed to improve safety for our town’s residents and children.

Sometimes the best answer is the easiest one, and this is such a case. We received a grant to cover 80% of the cost, we have the funds to cover the 20% in the unassigned fund balance (which is a good way to use these funds), we have strong support from the town, and we have a group of experts who have identified a path that will improve safety.

Vote yes on item 5 on Tuesday, March 30!

Devon Wible


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