To the Editor:

Citizens for Responsible Government would again like to thank our supporters. Easton citizens have now received Important Easton Issues 6th Edition and we continue to receive letters, emails, phone calls, donations, and even flowers from citizens who are grateful for the work that we do. Easton used to be a place where people could be on different sides of an issue and remain friends, but over 90% of the messages we receive tell us that citizens are now afraid to speak out against Critical Race Theory (CRT), social justice, intersectionality, voter fraud, Covid and vaccine rules, or any other thought they have that runs counter to the cancel culture. In case you think concern about CRT is a creation of Citizens for Responsible Government, Governor Ron DeSantis recently banned the theory in Florida and numerous other states have pending legislation. We applaud their courage in standing against this divisive philosophy.

Our critics pretend they are for tolerance and inclusivity, but in reality, anything written counter to their viewpoint can result in personal attacks and attempts to “cancel” the other person, business, or group.

In response to our publication, Important Easton Issues, 5th Edition, a favorite line of some critics was “That’s not who we are.” We agree, but a look at their actions reveals who they are. CRG expected criticism, but the level of venom was astounding and demonstrates that the fear many citizens are experiencing is well-founded. Sadly, rather than engaging in discussion of the issues, some have engaged in name-calling and personal attacks. However, the attacks did not stop there. They took steps to cancel our GoFundMe page. We were hoping for better but were aware that GoFundMe has a history of cancelling conservative accounts, Candace Owens being a notable example. Now our attackers are advocating on a Facebook page for people to complain about our recent email. All the email addresses were obtained legally; this was our first email ever; and it had a button to unsubscribe. However, true to their name, the cancel culture is not content to unsubscribe themselves, they want to stop everyone from reading what we write. There is no need for the critics to explain who they are – they have shown us. Fortunately, we were prepared to quickly overcome these attacks against free speech. If you would like to learn more about CRG, you can visit our website at

CRG will continue to work to inform Easton citizens on the important issues in our town. We encourage debate and continue to hope that our critics will respect the First Amendment right to free speech and take the opportunity to engage in civil public discourse on the issues.

Sherry Harris
President, Citizens for Responsible Government
June Logie
Treasurer, Citizens for Responsible Government

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