To the Editor:

Easton voter turnout for this 5-question referendum was 23.5%. The Easton Board of Selectmen immediately spin-doctored this turnout as follows:

“Huge turnout” – First Selectman Bindleglass

“Turnout was remarkable” – Selectman Sogofsky

“Tremendous voter turnout” – Selectman Lessler

The fact is 13% of registered Easton voters approved the Pathway and 11% of registered Easton voters rejected it. How could this in any way be construed as a mandate to move ahead with this project, especially when there are so many unknowns about it including:

1. The actual design and structural plans for the sidewalk.

2. The costs for the sidewalk.

3. The liabilities the town might face for problems along the pathway, such as traffic/pedestrian accidents?

4. The state-mandated requirements, restrictions and stipulations required of us by the state if we were to accept this grant.

There is much to consider here. We should not move ahead along this path until all the answers are known and found to be acceptable.

Grant Monsarrat

Easton, CT

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