Update for 4/01/2021

Good evening,

Given the short week, I wanted to reach out to all of you. First, Happy Easter and Passover to all who celebrate.

Our Covid numbers again rose slightly. The per 100,000 number for the two weeks ending March 27 was 19. We had to go virtual with the high school for a day this week, and this coincides with numerous stories about social gatherings with no precautions. Particularly in regards to the schools finishing the school year with minimal disruptions, it will really depend on our behaviors. This is true even in the face of improving vaccination rates. If you are exposed, you still need to quarantine, especially kids. The good news is that vaccinations are now open to everyone 16 and above. There will be another clinic in Easton at the library, and we will give you a heads up as soon as it will be opening to registration so we in town can get a jump on it.

As you all know we had a vote on Tuesday. There was record turnout for a vote of this sort, and I am very proud of that. As I have said before, knowing the issues and making your voices heard is the cornerstone of a town meeting form of government. This allowed the town to do some basic business including joining the Westport Weston Health District. I will be finalizing that relationship shortly and will provide more information. I strongly believe that this will provide a higher level of health services to the town than we have ever had. If anyone has any issues from a service point of view, please let me know. We will be naming a representative to the health district board shortly. If anyone would like to serve in that role, please let me know.

The most contentious issue is probably the multi-use path along Sport Hill Road. Although the vote was in favor, it is not clear what the next steps will be. The town would still have to appropriate the actual funds to move forward. Stay tuned.

The budget process is moving forward, but it will likely be next week that we will be able to present more details. Many of you witnessed that some of the sessions were not of a level that is befitting of our town, but I am hopeful that our final sessions will be fairer and more appropriate in their tone. All those involved are committed to a transparent process. Budgets and taxation are complicated topics, and we will try to present them with a level of clarity that I hope will be informative. I am also working to finalize several negotiations with our unions that are up this year.

I was recently asked about the one lane bridge on South Park Avenue. A bid and contractor have been accepted, and we hope to begin construction shortly. The goal is to finish before winter.

There has been much discussion about a potential chicken slaughterhouse on Tranquility Drive.  The Zoning Board of Appeals will hear this case in May. I do not want to comment on this prior to their rendering a decision.

So there is a lot going on. Have a great weekend! 

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