To the Editor:

This past Tuesday, Easton voted clearly and decisively that it wants the pathway. Voters want Helen Keller Middle School students to walk safely to the Easton Village Store. They want to take advantage of a $997,000 grant that will cover 80 percent of the cost for the sidewalk. They want a sense of community where people can walk easily and safely from the playground to EVS for a cup of coffee.

Importantly, Easton voters rejected the many falsehoods being spread about the sidewalk including that it would open the door to a commercial center. They also recognized that the alternative pathway through the woods is unrealistic for a host of reasons.

It’s worth noting they ran out of ballots at the polls and were forced to do hand-in ballots to accommodate the unexpected large number of voters. This reflects how much the community was engaged in this matter. Despite claims to the contrary, the number of people who voted last Tuesday was unprecedented for a referendum.

Elections matter and it’s time for the Easton Board of Finance to acknowledge the will of the people and approve this project.

Thank you.

Ray Longo
Ray Martin
Jim Riling
Alison Sternberg
Craig Sternberg

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