Letter: We’ll Miss Bill Kupinse

To the Editor:

All of Easton will be sad to learn of Bill Kupinse’s passing. He was a kind and remarkable leader of our town with a determined dedication to keeping it a unique and special place to live. As our first selectman for 10 years he provided a voice of reason, a strong dedication to fiscal responsibility and, above all, a tireless, unflinching advocacy for open space preservation.

Bill was active in the adoption of the Scenic Road Ordinance, the implementation of the Agricultural Land Preservation Fund, and the highly successful effort to preserve approximately 40% of Easton’s land area as perpetual open space at no expense to Easton’s taxpayers.

And speaking of taxpayers, after graduating from Dartmouth College and receiving his law degree from Cornell University, Bill went on to use his legal expertise to save Easton a small fortune in legal expenses as our first selectman.

Most recently, Bill has been a determined advocate for preserving and protecting our town-owned South Park Avenue property situated along the scenic, trout-filled Mill River. The fate of this property lies in large part with the current Board of Selectmen and an advisory committee which is exploring options for the property and is empowered to make recommendations to the BOS regarding its fate.

The greatest gift our town could offer in Mr. Kupinse’s memory would be to preserve and protect this beautiful property as open space. Bill Kupinse Memorial Park? Count me in!

Grant Monsarrat


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