Exploring Historical and Present-Day Racism

The Easton Public Library and Christ Church Easton are co-hosting a free Zoom screening of the award-winning documentary, “Traces of the Trade,” on April 29 at 7 p.m.

By uncovering her family’s story, the filmmaker reveals this country’s slave trade history, focusing on the centrality of enslavement in the economic growth and expansion of the United States. The film exposes the White/Black divide and history of racial injustice in the North: how white 19th Century landowners, merchants, banks, shipbuilders, and others secured their financial wealth through enslavement of Africans and African Americans as an economic resource.

“This screening is in keeping with the library’s growing efforts to raise awareness of today’s ongoing systemic racism,” Library Director Lynn Zaffino said. “Understanding our history is the first step toward achieving equal opportunity and justice for all Americans.”

The Rev. Allyson “Ally” Brundige, Christ Church’s Priest-in-Charge, supports Zaffino’s comments. “Christ Church is an all-inclusive church where we welcome with love all peoples and seek to build the beloved community, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of a society that is not silent about present-day racism, economic exploitation and violence, but is actively committed to loving one another and joining God’s justice-seeking and love-bearing work in the world.”

Registration for Zoom viewing is required to receive a Zoom link and can be found on the Easton Public Library’s calendar: https://www.eventkeeper.com/mars/xpages/xp_newpopevent.cfm?zeeOrg=EASTONPL&EventID=6652091&sw=1600

You can reach Zaffino or Brundige for more informationL

Lynn Zaffino
Easton Public Library
691 Morehouse Road
Easton, CT 06612

Reverend Allison Brundige
Christ Church
59 Church Road
Easton, CT 06612

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