To The Editor:

If you see something, say something. Most of us can agree that this is a reasonable way to respond to the current town-wide discussion about race. We all saw plenty this past year, from the effects of a dangerous pandemic on all of us to the rage caused by continuing racism in our country.

Most of us have read the mailers in our boxes, the letters to the editor of The Courier and the conversations on social media, locally and nationally. We’ve seen some horrific images which have apparently had different impacts on different people. But one thing that seems to be consistent is that there is a split in town as to how, or if, we respond as a town. A group of informed individuals in town have responded in the best way I can imagine: to create a task force for discussion – open discussion – on how we move forward as a town.

I want to say something, because I saw something. I wholeheartedly support the idea that Easton should raise our collective voices in support of anti-racist rhetoric, against systemic racism, against the notion that we have come so far that racism doesn’t exist.

Those voices in town arguing against the Resolution on Racism and Public Health state that Easton isn’t a racist town, and so they conclude we don’t need to take any action. However, this resolution is to support the work against racism in our country, something that clearly requires our attention and deserves our vote. Showing our support will in turn support the notion that we are not a racist town. And more important, will promote the education of our students to be prepared to fight racism outside of our town.

I will vote to approve of the Easton Resolution on Racism and Public Health and to vote in support of our town’s budget. Please join me in doing so. Voting local is one of the most important things you can do to be heard.

Heidi Armster

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