‘Balloon Lady’ Creates Welcome Message for Voters

Patty Jurgielewicz lifted the spirits of passers by on the corner of Westport Road and Bibbins Road with her ballon art messages last year during the the COVID-19 pandemic shut down.

Today, as taxpayers go to the polls at Samuel Staples Elementary School to vote on the town and school budgets and the Easton Resolution one Racism as a Public Health Crisis, the “balloon lady” is back with her welcoming art.

She has created the welcome message for the Easton 175th Committee’s table where voters can meet friendly neighbors and learn about many Easton organizations.

“No matter what, this table wins in a landslide!” Selectman Bob Lessler said.

As of 12:30, 650 people had voted. The polls are open today, May 4, until 8 p.m. Read more about the referendum here.

Easton has 5,575 voters, according to Jim Bromer, assistant to the registrars. The breakdown is as follows:

Democrats: 1,611 

Republicans: 1,597 

Unaffiliated: 2,287 

Other Parties: 80

You can read more about “balloon lady” Jurgielewicz, an Eastonite for 17 years, here and here: Easton Bids Farewell to Balloon Messages.

Patty Jurgielewicz created a balloon art welcome message for the May 4 referendum.
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