In appreciation for her cheerful and airy contributions to Easton residents and neighbors, a drive by parade was held to honor and thank Patty Jurielewicz, AKA “The Balloon Lady.”

In these recent months of sadness and frustration, Jurgielewicz brightened the mood with imaginative and upbeat balloon sculptures offering messages of joy and hope to passers by. See ‘Balloon Lady’ Treats Easton to Daily Display.

Members of the Easton police, fire and emergency medical departments caravanned past the corner of Westport and Bibbins Road to celebrate the Jurielewicz family, all of whom participated in mounting the daily balloon displays.

Governor Ned Lamont has begun re-opening businesses across the state, so Easton’s Balloon Lady will be returning to her full-time job. The last balloon message appeared on Sunday, appropriately featuring a rainbow.

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