The Easton Courier would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the varied and thought-provoking contributions from our columnists and community writers, who observed life in Easton from many perspectives. Bruce Nelson, Tomas Koeck, Gale Papageorge, Robert LaValle, and Dr. Richard Lechtenberg faithfully contributed meaningful content on a regular basis.

In addition, we were frequently rewarded with features, news stories and columns by Kelly Wendt, Cleo Rawdon Sonneborn, Adrienne Burke, Karen Brewer, Lea Sylvestro, Michelle Bravo, Elizabeth Boyce, Cathy Alfandre, Adam Blumenthal, Abbie Winter, Frank Luongo, Alisha Berger Gorder, Mary Luongo, Lila Estime, David Brant, Alice Cooney, Nancy Moon, Debra Greenwood, Beth Fitzgerald, Bill Bittar, Cathy Dunsby, Joanne Kant, Joanne Rochman, Dr. Beth Natt, Sarah Lehberger, Dolly Curtis, the Rev. Amanda Ostrove, Leslie Minasi, Bill Kupinse, June Chiaia-Logie, Allison Taylor, Lori Cochran-Dougall, Jean Stetz Puchalski, John Cunningham, Andrew Kachele, Paul Lindoerfer, Annie Mohr, Jeff Parker, Tracy Carlucci, Carolyn Pytte, Amy Wolfcale, Greg Golda, Kris and Charlie Lynch and many others we appreciate.

The Aspetuck Land Trust, Center for Family Justice, Easton Arts Council, Easton Community Center, Easton churches, Scouts and other local organizations kept Courier readers well informed about their doings, which the pandemic failed to stifle. Staff from the Easton Town Hall, the Easton Public Library, Easton Park and Recreation Department, the Easton Senior Center and other government agencies provided photos, facts and invaluable information. Lynn Zaffino, Christine Halloran, Janet Haller, Shannon Bruchal, Sharon Luciano, Alison Witherbee, Justin Giorlando, Jim Bromer conributed multiple submissions.

The candidates who ran for re-election and those who challenged them followed the Courier’s campaign politics and stuck to the issues rather than launching personal attacks against their opponents. We thank them and their campaign managers town committee chairs, Democrat Nanette DeWester and Republican Wendy Bowditch, and Maggie Silverstein. State Senator Tony Hwang and state Rep. Anne Hughes submit important information for their constituents on an ongoing basis.

Sacred Heart students Neil Grasso, Chris Regan, Dan Gardella, and Asia McCray covered Easton news, sports, and events with skill and aplomb. Joel Barlow High School students participated with great success as well, notably Sofia Danuszar, who graduated in June, and current students Sydney Rodriguez, Julia Krepszul, Eva Boyce, Anya Gorder and Rebecca Pasto.

Fortunately, Easton has town officials who kept the community informed about important meetings, events and updates. First Selectman Dr. David Bindelglass informed the community with weekly messages. Selectwoman Kristi Sogofsky and Selectman Bob Lessler alternated reporting on Board of Selectmen meetings and actions.

Chief Richard Doyle kept the Courier apprised of all significant police, fire and emergency services events and often provided photographs. Fire Chief Steve Waugh kept us posted about the Easton Fire Department. Captain Jonathan Arnold and Peg Shukie kept us in the know on Easton EMS matters.

We are grateful to the Easton Community Center and the Easton Public Library for hosting Courier meet-and-greets with community members. And topping the list is the School of Communication, Media & the Arts at Sacred Heart University without which the community partnership would not have been possible.

In appreciation for her cheerful and airy contributions to Easton residents and neighbors, we thank and honor Patty Jurielewicz, AKA “The Balloon Lady.”

To the many other individual and organizations who submitted articles about board meetings, key decisions, government actions, the schools, businesses, newsworthy people and events and other local matters, we thank you. And finally, a shout-out to those who wrote letters to the editors: please keep ‘em coming in 2021!

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