To the Editor:

I don’t know what I was doing during the summer that caused me to miss the articles about Easton’s farms and farmers, but I’m so glad you included them in your review of the year. It is obvious, but I’ll say it, Easton could never have maintained the beauty and history that it has, that is now so rare, if not for the farms — and the hard work of the farmers.

We are so grateful to them, for the foresight and labor of their families — going back to the 1700s in some cases — that has preserved the feeling of this town. The industry, flexibility, and innovation of all is extraordinary.

Even now, the farms can be credited for helping keep us safe during Covid. Because of the expanded offerings at Sherwood and Sport Hill Farms, Dave and I have been able to minimize our trips to the grocery stores. And quite a few gifts sent out this year came from Silverman’s and Patty Popp’s. And, with apologies to the other tree farms, our Christmas tree, as has been tradition since our children were little, is a beauty from Maple Row.  

I loved reading about the sense of connection and heritage the town’s farmers feel … and thankfully, that the children of some have inherited. It has been work, centuries of work, by many to hold onto the farms, open spaces, and historic homes that still characterize our town. We must never take that for granted … and articles such as these will remind us not to.    

All the best and thank you again for this wonderful collection of articles.  

Lea Sylvestro


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