Video: Fox Family Presents ‘Living Room Theater’

In response to Covid-19 putting a pause on live theater, Concord Theatricals and Playbill recently teamed up to host the #LivingRoomTheatre challenge. In an attempt to encourage families to create together during this uncharted time, they made downloadable scenes available from classic scripts spanning from Annie Get Your Gun to Our Town to Wizard of Oz

Douglas W. Tieman
Annabelle Fox

Motivated by a hunger to continue creating during the pandemic, New York City-based married couple Douglas W-Tieman and Annabelle Fox, (currently sheltering in Easton, Conn.) decided to jump at the opportunity.

With the help of Annabelle’s family, Dan and Kimberly Fox, along with Derby the dog, their take on the Wizard of Oz scene became an overnight success making it’s way to the top of Playbill’s online picks.  In an effort to make the experience as professional as possible, Annabelle sent out offer emails, sourced original costumes, and pulled props from around the house.

In the scene, her father, Dan, a former New York City actor,  plays the Wizard.  Kimberly steps into the shoes of the Scarecrow, and their family dog, Derby, assumes the role of the Cowardly Lion.  Douglas plays the Tinman, and Annabelle embraces her lifelong dream role of Dorothy. It brought them a great source of joy and they hope it will bring some to you too. After all… there IS light at the end of the rainbow!


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