The National Day of Prayer is an annual observance to intercede for America, leaders and families. Tomorrow, Thursday May 6, we open our doors and  invite all people to pray for our nation and the world.

The NEPC is observing this day with morning, afternoon and evening prayer times. This country was birthed in prayer in reverence for God. We deeply desire for the mobilization of the Christian community in prayer. We welcome you to join us here tomorrow.

The New England Prayer Center is at 22 South Park Ave., Easton, CT  06612.

Morning Session

10:00  Maria Koubek  –  The Body of Christ in America

11:00 Eric Lubbert –  Praying the Psalms

Afternoon Session 

1:00 Leslie Pavel – Seeking the Truth

2:00 – Gina Blaze – Prophetic Insight

3:00 – Healing

Evening Session 

5:00 – Susan Reens – The Word

6:00 -Dan Reens –  The Aaronic Blessing

7:00 – Carlos Reyes –  Prophetic Intercession

8:00 –  Dan and Gina Blaze – Oneness, Future Leaders
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