Put the Fruit Down!

If you choose to believe Bible stories, in the beginning, along with a newly created garden paradise with its animals, bugs, birds, fish and whatnot, there were three beings, Adam, Eve and the Creator Himself. God didn’t ask or demand much from the bugs or animals, he didn’t have to. They knew how to live.

On the other hand, the much more complicated human specimens didn’t and needed guidance about what to do and what not to do. They were placed in the garden to look, listen and learn, as we are in the garden to look, listen and learn.

I’m sure God didn’t whisper when he warned, “You may eat from any tree in the garden but do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”

And what do they do? Yep, they ignored the first command of very being that gave them life and ate from the wrong tree. Scripture doesn’t mention Eve flipping God the bird but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. Just hours into Adam and Eve’s creation temptation became embedded in the psyche of all her descendants (you and me) stepping foot on paradise Earth. So we’re kinda screwed.

You and I are gonna eat from the wrong tree. Regardless of status: pope, princess, prince, pauper, prosecutor or prisoner, we’re gonna mess up. We can try our best to avoid it, but no matter what, you and I are gonna mess up but hopefully recognize our flaws and learn.  

Had Adam and Eve obeyed the Creator we most likely wouldn’t live among the pain and suffering to which we have become so familiar. What were they thinking? Or better yet, what weren’t they thinking when they decided to disregard the Almighty Commander and Chief and pluck the apple. They were thinking about themselves.

“Listen God, you may not get hungry but I’m famished and these apples are so easily accessible and beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like them, so shiny, and that snake of yours has an alluring sexy way about him!” We all have a purpose and the snake’s purpose is to distract and tempt us away from truth. In my grade book the snake gets an A+ for a job well done. Adam and Eve get a “C”, greater effort needed.

Rather than referring to the blunder as the fall or original sin let’s call it original ignorance. They had no idea where they were headed when the voice of temptation, a slimy snake, led them to ignore the Creator. Clueless, hungry and extremely bored, they opted for adventure. We’ve become seekers of pleasure constantly looking for (ego) gratification, and the quicker the better.

Though we studied the story of Adam and Eve we can’t seem to help ourselves from doing the same. We wake up each day searching for the forbidden apple, but the beautiful, easily attainable fruit only temporarily satisfies, leading us to evermore forbidden fruit. By plucking and eating the fruit they told God to go to hell, but they were already embarking on temptation’s route to hell. This new route soon became the thoroughfare for all mankind.  

Adam and Eve tell the story of man’s ignorance and his inability to control the senses. After running the course of temptation, false ego satisfaction will eventually lead to awareness but only with as many trials and tribulations as are necessary to lead you in a new direction. Though more direct routes are available they require much stricter control and great strength. 

Brand new in the midst of a paradise created specifically for them, they blew it and since then man has picked forbidden fruit of all shapes and sizes. Until man understands we are living in God’s house and surrenders all ownership to God, he will continue along his unconscious path of self and planetary destruction. We well know what that looks and feels like.

Oftentimes we view life from man’s limited perspective and question how an all-powerful and  “so called” all-loving God could allow it. The love of God has created us in his image and has given us every opportunity to find our way by traveling our personal path eventually to discover and experience perfect love.

There have been many attempts to wake us from our deep sleep. At this point nothing short of an alien planetary attack will convince humans that we really are one people and as such share our innate deep sense of love for each other.

God allows love to develop at our own pace and living supplies opportunity to flourish.  Every second of every day offers opportunity for greater awareness. Man will do what man will do as God sets the wheels of opportunity in motion. Apparent catastrophes and tragedies such as school massacres, floods, world wars, holocausts, famine, drought, disease, pandemics, tsunamis and so forth right down to “I hate you because you’re this and I’m that” serve as lessons. How else could all of it occur and continue to happen under the watchful eye of the All-Knowing, All-Powerful and All Loving Father.

Free will says, “It’s your choice, do what you want”. God allowed them to eat the fruit and continued loving them, maybe more than ever. He let them decide for themselves and as such they began what would become mankind’s battle. Knowing what I now know, had I been there I’d have shouted, “PUT THE FRUIT DOWN!”