Aquarion Water Company Donates Water Rescue Bags to Easton Police

After a dangerous water rescue last winter imperiling the safety of an Easton police officer, a local resident and his dog, the Easton Police Department will be equipped to better assist water rescues in the future.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Aquarion Water Company for their generous donation of 15 MARSARS Water Rescue bags to the Easton Police Department,” Police Chief Richard Doyle said.

George Logan, director of community relations for Aquarion, presented the rescue bags to Easton police May 5. On hand for the presentation were Captain Jon Arnold, Officer Anthony Telesco and Doyle.

Easton Police Officer Anthony Telesco performed a cold water rescue of a citizen and a dog who fell through the ice at the pond in front of Helen Keller Middle School on December 18, 2020.

“Officer Telesco had to enter the freezing cold water up to his chest to perform the rescue which created a dangerous situation,” Doyle said. “A rescue bag, if available, would have proven invaluable in this situation.

“As a result of this incident, Chief Ralph Fensore and Captain Robert Cedergren of the Aquarion Water Company Police Department led the effort to obtain the bags for the Easton Police Department. All officers are receiving training on the use of the bags and the equipment will be placed in every car in the Easton Police Department fleet,” Doyle said.

The Easton Police Department is located at 700 Morehouse Road, Easton, CT 06612, 203-268-4111,

One of 15 MARSARS Water Rescue bags Aquarion Water Company donated to the Easton Police Department.