Letter: YES DEI. YES Survey.

To the Editor:

One of the lessons of the pandemic has been all about connectivity. Finding new ways to communicate, to be productive and successful at work and at school, to keep in touch with loved ones no matter where they live.

Going forward, we will learn the advantages of connectivity — but only if we know how to connect with everyone. The survey will help us understand how best to address these issues. For our children, that means an education in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The fact that so many people in Easton are against DEI is exactly why we need it. Obviously, many parents in town won’t teach their children the benefits of new and different perspectives. What kind of example is that? That it’s not important, and it’s even harmful, to learn about other cultures, other races, other points of view? And to fear and reject them?

As some of our Barlow graduates have already stated, they were unprepared to enter a diverse world. This must not continue. We owe it to them to prepare them for success. They’re not going to stay in Easton all their lives (most won’t); they won’t live in a bubble.

We must have the survey so we can give them everything they need to be leaders. To make moral choices with integrity, with tools to face challenges, and with open hearts, so they may make Easton, Redding, and indeed the whole world, a healthier place for all kinds of people. Even those who are afraid to welcome diversity, live with equity, and enjoy the richness offered by inclusion.

Debbi Barer
Easton resident for over 19 years

*This letter, with minor edits, was read into the record at the Board of Education meeting on 5/19/21.